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Matt Larson Abel Stewart 12:30 Recitation History of Rock N’ Roll Final Paper Writing a paper about a single song can be an extraordinarily difficult task to accomplish. One must really put himself into the music to be able to write out five pages on a four-minute song. However, if the listener listens to the song enough, he or she will find out how they personally identify with the music and the words, and writing about the song seems as easy as writing a short story or a poem. The writer becomes one with the song and figures out what he or she has to say about its importance to them. 1. I chose to listen to mystery song #2 for this essay. The instruments I believe to be included in this song include an organ, an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar, a bass guitar, a mandolin, strings, and drums. I get from the sound of the song that the band is an indie band. I assume this because the sound is very different and seems to feature a wide range of styles. The general sound of the song is just a bunch of instruments being played at once. The organ is used as a backdrop and is apparent throughout the entire song. The acoustic guitar is very noticeable at some points, and fades into the background at others. The drums provide a strong backbeat that is fairly simple but fits very well with the song as a whole. The bass keeps a rhythm while the guitar sort of raps around the rest of the music. The vocals cover a decent sized range, staying on a mostly lower register but occasionally hitting some high notes. It sounds like there is only one singer in the song, whose voice is double-tracked on different points in the song. The lyrics don’t have a strictly defined structure as there is no chorus and some verses seem to run
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into one another. The phrase “keep the car running” is repeated throughout the song, especially at the end of verses in the middle and end of the track. The music as a whole feels very full though it is relatively simple and has no parts that are particularly more complicated than the rest. 3. The song begins with the organ playing a single chord for several seconds. The ambience the organ provides is a nice way to get you in the mood for the rest of the song. Six seconds into the song, the acoustic guitar comes in along with the stringed instrument. The guitar is just strummed while the string instrument is played in short, rounded chords. The bass drum kicks in at the nine second mark with the electric guitar and rest of the drums bursting in at the 15 second mark. This is the moment where the song really begins.
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Rock Final Paper - Matt Larson Abel Stewart 12:30...

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