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Feb 7 2005 silicon valley venture capitalist thomas

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Unformatted text preview: Compaq Computer for $25 billion in stock. November 2001 • Walter Hewlett, son of HP founder Bill Hewlett and a board member, announces plans to fight the Compaq purchase. December 2001 • The Packard Foundation announces its opposition to the acquisition. March 2002 • After a grueling six-month proxy fight with Walter Hewlett, HP declares victory in the Compaq battle with a narrow win. Fiorina timeline at HP ...continued Monday, Feb 21, 2005 , Kansas City Star November 2002 • HP reports better-than-expected fourth-quarter results from stronger sales and post-merger cost-cutting. December 2002 • Fiorina says the target of achieving $3 billion in savings from the acquisition of Compaq is a year ahead of schedule. August 2003 • HP's third qua...
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