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Advantage involves the exchange and sharing of

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Unformatted text preview: erative Strategy • Cooperative Strategy – A strategy in which firms work together to achieve a strategy shared objective. shared • Cooperating with other firms is a strategy that: – Creates value for a customer. – Exceeds the cost of constructing customer value in other Exceeds ways. ways. – Establishes a favorable position relative to competitors. – Platform for M&A • 1974: Peugeot take a 38.2 percent stake in Citroen • 1976: Peugeot takes complete control of Citroen 1976: 1–37 Strategic Alliance • A primary type of cooperative strategy in which primary firms combine some of their resources and capabilities to create a mutual competitive advantage. advantage. – Involves the exchange and sharing of resources and Involves capabilities to co-develop or distribute goods and services. services. • Microsoft and Telstra • Fiat and Chrysler – Requires cooperative behavior from all partners. – – – Siemens AG and Corning Inc. form Siecor (1977) Microsoft and Qualcomm form Wireless Knowledge Sony and Ericsson 1–38 Strategic Alliance Firm A Firm B Resources Capabilities Core Competencies Resources Capabilities Core Competencies Combined Resources Capabilities Core Competencies Mut...
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