Interests can facilitate entrepreneurial efforts and

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Unformatted text preview: wnsizing, but not May eliminating key employees from its primary businesses. businesses. – Smaller firm can be more effectively managed by the Smaller top management team. top 1–31 Restructuring: Leveraged Buyouts (LBO) • A restructuring strategy whereby a party buys all restructuring of a firm’s assets in order to take the firm private. of – Significant amounts of debt may be incurred to Significant finance the buyout. finance – Immediate sale of non-core assets to pare down debt. • Can correct for managerial mistakes – Managers making decisions that serve their own Managers interests rather than those of shareholders. interests • Can facilitate entrepreneurial efforts and Can strategic growth. strategic 1–32 FIGURE 7.2 Restructuring and Outcomes 1–33 THANK YOU THANK CHAPTER 9 CHAPTER 9 Cooperative Strategy Agenda 1. Define cooperative strategies and explain why firms use them. 2. Define and discuss three types of strategic alliances. 3. Name the business-level cooperative strategies and describe their Name use. use. 1–36 Coop...
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