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Separate citigroup and nikko cordial formed nikko

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Unformatted text preview: ual interests in designing, manufacturing, or distributing goods or services 1–39 Three Types of Strategic Three Types of Strategic Alliances • Joint Venture – Two or more firms create a legally independent company by Two sharing some of their resources and capabilities. sharing • Firms may share equity investment equally or unequally. – Siemens AG and Corning Inc. form Siecor (1977) – Microsoft and Qualcomm form Wireless Knowledge – PRV alliance established in 1971 by Peugeot, Renault, and PRV Volvo to develop and manufacture a common V6 engine Three Types of Strategic Alliances • Equity Strategic Alliance – Partners who own different percentages of equity in a Partners separate company they have formed. separate • Citigroup and Nikko Cordial formed Nikko Citigroup Ltd. To Citigroup support Retail, Asset Management… support • Direct Equity: Nissan-Renault – Renault: 44.4% stake in Nissan, Nissan:15% of Renault Renault: • Microsoft’s 8% ownership investment in Apple??????????? • Non-equity Strategic Alliance – Two or more firms develop a contractual relationship to Two share some of their unique resources and capabilities. share • Ph...
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