The 2 discuss reasons why firms use an acquisition

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Unformatted text preview: ricing decisions by observing other firm’s actions and responses. responses. • E.g. Price coordination between – Cereal industry – United, American and British Air 1–49 Performance Assessment of Cooperative Strategies • Complementary business-level strategic alliances, Complementary especially the vertical ones (between a large and small firm—small firms contributes at a specific point in value chain), have the greatest probability of creating a sustainable competitive advantage. creating • Horizontal complementary alliances are sometimes Horizontal difficult to maintain because they are often between rival competitors. competitors. • Competitive advantages gained from competition and Competitive uncertainty reducing strategies tend to be temporary. uncertainty 1–50 THANK YOU 6–51 Agenda we followed: 1. Explain the popularity of acquisition strategies in firms competing in Explain the global economy. the 2. Discuss reasons why firms use an acquisition strategy to achieve Discuss strategic competitiveness. strategic 3. Des...
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