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Larson 1 Matthew Larson Dr. Selfe English H110.01 3 Oct. 2007 Housing Options at OSU I came home from school one day in January to find a package from The Ohio State University. I opened it up to find housing options inside and a letter saying that I had to send in my housing contract within the next two weeks. I felt that I had just sent in my confirmation to the university, and now I was being asked to make a major decision concerning my life at OSU. It was a bit unnerving, as I knew that high school graduation was still months away, yet I was already being asked by my college to make my first of what will become a large number of decisions. It was a strange feeling, as it kind of felt that my college life was beginning eight months before classes officially started. The problem is that the information that was sent with the letter by the university didn’t give nearly enough information to aptly decide which dorm room I wanted to live in. It was very frustrating for me to have what felt like my first major college decision be one I couldn’t decide confidently with the information I had. Had I had the information I have now, it would have been much easier and much less stressful to make this very important decision.
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Larson 2 A map was provided with the information sent by the university showing where each of these building I could choose were located. There are two major choices in the decision in what dorm to live in, the towers on west campus and the numerous houses on south campus. Though I now knew where these buildings were, I knew nothing about the advantages and disadvantages of these locations. I did not learn these pros and cons until I had been at OSU for a few weeks.The two towers, Lincoln and Morrill, were built and opened in for students in 1967 (OSU Timeline). The towers feature suites instead of rooms, and most suites consist of four bedrooms with two students in each room. This may sound like the room would be cramped, but the truth is the exact opposite. As student Aash Bhandari says (2007), “These rooms are huge! There’s more than enough room for two students and whatever luggage they could bring” (personal interview). I agree that these rooms are enormous having lived here for the last month. There is ample space for both keeping clothes and toiletries while still have a big desk for studying and homework. This
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English essay - Larson 1 Matthew Larson Dr. Selfe English...

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