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David Nicolas Reynaud UFID 7711-3183 Section: 6773 BSC2011L Fruit Fly Lab Introduction September 22, 2005 The purpose of lab was the exploration of Mendelian Genetics, as developed by Gregor Mendel in the 19 th century, whose experiments were the first to have adequately documented quantitative data to formulate basic rules about genetic inheritance. His Law of Segregation of Alleles said that each allele that an organism gets from each parent for a certain trait is capable of being passed on separately to that organism’s offspring, rather than becoming blended together as was the dominant theory of Mendel’s time. The Law of Independent Assortment was Mendel’s second law, and stated that when one is looking at the inheritance of more than one trait at a time, they can be passed on independently of each other to the next generation. The exception to this law is when the
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Unformatted text preview: genes for the traits in question are located on the same chromosome, in which case those traits are said to be linked. Sex linkage is the case when the genes being examined are located on the sex chromosomes, which makes for differences between the phenotypic inheritance ratios between males and females. In order to examine these principles in this lab, we used fruit flies as subjects for test breeding. Fruit flies are ideal for this type of study because of their short generation time, easily stored and manipulated size, and the presence of multiple recognizable mutations which serve as genetic markers. In this experiment, we are expecting to be able to observe both Mendel’s Law of Segregation, as well as his Law of Independent Assortment....
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