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POL 3739 STUDY GUIDE SOUTH AFRICA ANC: African National Congress, founded in 1912 in South Africa. Goal = increase rights of black South African population. In 1944- Mandela created ANC youth league = non-violent mass action. 1955- “Freedom Charter” ANC sought that South Africa should be for all regardless of race and drew a vision for the future of South Africa…. PAC (Pan African Congress) disagreed, thought South Africa should only be for Africans (split off in 1958). Opposed the Population Registration Act (1952) PAC beat them to protesting against it in 1960… Sharpeville massacre. After massacre, both orgs. banned from political activity. After this… ANC decided needed to pursue armed struggle against white regime. 1990- Mandela released from prison, and ANC and PAC legal again. 1993-1994: new South Africa, wanted 1person=1vote WON. ANC before this seen as terrorist org. by South African govt and US and UK. 1994- ANC won landslide victory in election… Mandela voted 1 st black president of South Africa Nationalist Party: South African party; Apartheid system (legal system of legal/political separation of the races) . Born in 1913. Goal = white domination in South Africa (extend political/economic control of South Africa by white minority) Rose to power after WWII – (whites scared of anti-colonial movements) Argument: “in order to avoid conflict, different races should be separate & apart from one another” Came to power in 1948 (official separation) In power until 1994. Used the “Divide and Rule” strategy. Imposed the Group Areas Act (1950-51), Population registration Act (1952). Strategies compared to the Nazis. Downfall: 1.) boycott of the tripartite assembly 2.) internal changes & movements propel outside movements (whites began to split politically) 3.) South Africa suffered huge military defeat in 1988 4.) 1990-Mandela released from prison … new determined movement against the apartheid system. Defeated in 1994 Soweto Uprising: South Africa 1976. In reaction to the students at the university being forced to take a certain curriculum including learning the Afrikaans language. Soweto student rebellion, influenced by the Black Consciousness Movement and Steve Biko. Africans/coloreds/Indians came together. 100’s brutally killed. Hindsight: beginning of end of partite regime. Protest intended to be peaceful. Afterwards = leads to the role of the ANC in the liberation struggle and struggle became internal (within South Africa) before it had not been Homelands: South Africa; Nationalist party passes “Group Area Act”-1950… mass removal (forcred) of ppl… Africans w/ Africans…Indians w/ Indians=segregation; created Native Reserves=Homelands; each tribe/ethnicity had a designated plot of land; argued that these were original lands of the tribes… really using the “divide and
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Hist3613 - POL 3739 STUDY GUIDE SOUTH AFRICA ANC: African...

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