Hist3613 - HIST 3613 STUDY GUIDE Guy of Lusignan king of...

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HIST 3613 STUDY GUIDE Guy of Lusignan: king of Jerusalem from 1186-1190; married to Sibylla….sister of the Leper King; September 1183…drew out an army, waited Saladin out…accused of being a coward for not attacking. Baldwin IV (Leper) discredited Guy… no one really liked Guy…deal to Sibylla that she could be queen only if she dumped Guy, she said OK but I pick my next husband…she re-married Guy! Became lord of Jaffa and Ascalon, and became King of Jerusalem. Lots of tensions between Reynald and Guy… After Reynald attacked a caravan of Saladin’s… reason for war for Saladin…but Guy’s strategy was to just wait Saladin out; Saladin provoked them by taking Tiberius; remembering that Guy was called a coward earlier he chose to march his troops to relieve Tiberius. Troops marched and stuck in waterless land. ..that night taunted by Saladin’s forces and the next day they are wiped out…marked the greatest defeat in Crusading history. (importance: Saladin is able to defeat them and draw them in because of Guy’s concern for his reputation) Guy released from Saladin in 1188…on swearing that he would never again take arms against Saladin. ..well he did; he and a small force marched to Tyre, the last Christian city in Palestine. Conrad did not let him in so he had to camp outside the walls for months. Waiting it out was the right idea…when the Kings of the Third Crusade arrived they sided with Guy…and a brilliant move he made was to march to Acre… (Militarily it was pointless) but politically brilliant; cast him as the noble, brave Crusading king fighting the hated Saladin….forced Conrad to recognize him as the king of Jerusalem. Later…feuds over who would be the King of Jerusalem (only tie Guy had was that he was married to Sibylla); later in order to solve feuds Conrad was to be King of Jerusalem and Guy was given the island of Cyprus…with the disposal of Guy to Cyprus and the assassination of Conrad…Henry of Champagne became king and the factional divisions within the Crusaders disappeared….Saladin’s empire collapsed The Horns of Hattin: battle that took place on July 4 1187; Saladin vs. Crusaders troops led by Guy; Saladin had been looking for a legitimate reason to attack the Crusaders…that reason was provided by Reynald attacking a Caravan on its way to Egypt….Guy tried to tell him to make restitution to Saladin but he didn’t…this was the perfect reason for Saladin to attack. (Importance: the recklessness of Reynald were to doom Jerusalem itself) Both marched their armies out and Guy was going to use the same strategy as before. ..wait it out. (Importance: largest crusading army ever assembled 20,000 men) Saladin needed to provoke the Christians so he moved against the Christian city of Tiberius. It was Raymond who said not to march to defend Tiberius…later than night Guy was reminded of his cowardice earlier when faced against Saladin… so this time he wanted to disprove those who had called him a coward. Crusaders made their way along the desert in the baking sun; waterless…
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Hist3613 - HIST 3613 STUDY GUIDE Guy of Lusignan king of...

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