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POL3308 FINAL STUDY GUIDE Tuesday 4-6pm COMMITTEES -HOUSE Created by the Chambers Initially for “finishing” a bill Now handle initial consideration Have defined jurisdictions Types Standing: permanent, report legislation Select: generally permanent, no defined jurisdiction Ad hoc: appointed to deal w/ specific issues Conference: made up of both chambers Committee Profile Reflect members goals o Re-election or constituency  Constituency committees are all about pork Classic examples that are defunct: Rivers and harbors Post Office and Civil Service Merchant Marine Current examples: Agriculture Small Business Armed Services  Public Works o Policy  Good public policy goals dominate Not necessarily pork Policy Wonks on these committees Judiciary  Foreign Affairs Science o Influence and Prestige Committees Most important committees in Congress Encompass policy and constituency goals Substantial jurisdiction, thus other members are respectful  Examples: Ways and Means Committee Social security  Taxes Committee on Rules Can be most important
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Ironically, Rules has no legislative jurisdiction However, most bills must go thru Rules to get to floor (writing resolutions…) …Evolution of Rules Rules has evolved o Czar era rules was “Speakers Committee” o Mid-20 th  Century: Howard Smith and other Southerners dominated  o Since mid-70’s: Rules has again become “Speakers Committee” o Current committee: completely under the thumb of Nancy Pelosi …Work of Rules Rules committee reports “resolutions” that must be adopted by the House Empowers both Rules, and other committees receiving the Rule Special Rules Makes a bill in order and provides rules for its consideration Historically, rules were “open” Recent decades…more complex and restrictive rules have begun to emerge Restrictive rules: empower substantive committees by allowing them to give the chamber an  ultimatum Allows “non-median” outcomes to occur  Why allow this? o Only way to get thru important things  Appropriations Committee Appro. Committees in each chamber are very important Controls the purse strings  Distinction between authorization and appropriations  o Cant spend until appropriated  Ways and Means Committee Used to appoint other committees Tax bills, social security Raises revenue Business lobby cowers to Ways and Means members Budget Committee Not traditionally an influence committee CBICA (1974) created the committee Responsible for writing budget resolutions Plays key role in end of session bargaining
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studyguide - POL3308 FINAL STUDY GUIDE Tuesday 4-6pm...

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