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Geoffrey Hopkins Lillian Bertram 4/07/08 Webster’s Dictionary defines hypocrisy as “The practice of professing beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not hold or possess; falseness.” This definition holds true when describing the Brooklyn Chapter of the Black Label Bike Club or BLBC for short. The Brooklyn Chapter of the BLBC is hypocritical in a few ways as shown in the 2006 documentary “B.I.K.E.”. For instance, the BLBC claims not to be a political group. They claim to be anti- consumerism, and they also claim to be open and diverse and accepting. Jake Houley the founder of Black Label Minneapolis said that Black Label was not a political organization. Meschiya, a member of the BLBC, told Jacob the filmmaker “Jake said that Black Label wasn’t a political organization and wanted to keep politics separate from it which I thought was kind of strange because politics have a lot to do with our lives. But I understand where he was coming from. He didn’t want Black Label to make any one political statement. He was like, ‘we’re a bicycle club, a bike club, not a political movement’. But I think we are a kind of a political movement just by example.” The Brooklyn BLBC participates monthly in the streets of New York for “Critical Mass” which promotes biker’s rights. The BLBC also appeared at the Republican National Convention and protested. This showed a form of “radical politics” that the BLBC claimed they were not a part
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BLBC - Geoffrey Hopkins Lillian Bertram Websters Dictionary...

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