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-1Chapter 20 The Industrial Revolution and Its Impact on European Society I.. The Industrial Revolution in Great Britain A. Origins of the Industrial Revolution * agricultural revolution: more people could be fed for less, causing people to be able to buy more manufactured goods * population growth led to a large pool of labor for the new factories * ready supply of capital for investment in new machines * supplied with rich natural resources :coal and iron ore; Britain was a small country so transportation was easy * supply of markets gave British industrialists a ready outlet for their manufactured goods B. Technological Changes and New Forms of Industrial Organization * The Cotton Industry - James Hargreaves’: spinning jenny 1768 - Edmund Cartwright: power loom 1787 * The Steam Engine - James Watt- created steam engine - furthered production to be able to spread to other areas - made cotton importation rise largely * The Iron Industry - Henry Colt- developed puddling: coke was used to burn away impurities in pig
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