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Holly and Gerry - Holly and Gerry a young married couple...

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Holly and Gerry, a young married couple, share a joke: If anything ever happened to him, he’d have to write her a list or elseshe’d never be able to copewithout him. When Gerry’s severe headache is diagnosedas brain cancer he begins to secretly write the list before dying a few short months later. This list was supposed to help Holly cope with her future without Gerry, offering specific instructions to guide Holly through grief and grant her permission to return to life. He created a separate list item for each month until the New Year, 10 notes all together. Of course, each letter ends with P.S., I love you. Gerry bought Holly slippers the previous Christmas which read “Disco Diva”, his nicknamefor her. He wanted Holly to get back to life with her friends so he had Holly sing karaoke in the disco competition, something that she had embarrassed herself doing in the past. Not only did he want Holly to sing, he also had her buy a whole new “Disco Diva” outfit!
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