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Stirling Engine

Stirling Engine - ME-322 Design Project Report Stirling...

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ME-322 Design Project Report Stirling Engine April, 30 th , 2007 Submitted by: John Luff Garret Barthold Colin Bater Mark Small William Garro Submitted to: Dr. Perwez Kalim Division of Engineering & Physics Wilkes University, Wilkes-Barre, PA.
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PROBLEM STATEMENT The first problem for this project is that we need to make either one or two pistons (depends on the style of stirling engine used) move up and down using only difference in temperature between the hot and cold sections of the engine. The second problem is that once the pistons are moving up and down they need to produce enough force to power some external device. ABSTRACT The purpose of this project is to design a stirling engine. The stirling engine needs to be hand-built by the students in the group and only by the students in the group. The stirling engine should run and it should power some sort of device. INTRODUCTION A stirling engine is a closed-system piston heat engine. There are two distinct forms of a stirling engine there is an alpha style stirling engine and beta style stirling engine. The alpha style stirling engine contains two power pistons in separate cylinders, with one cylinder and piston be hot and the other piston and cylinder being cold. In this engine the pistons move back and forth because of the heat exchange between the two pistons. The heat exchange occurs because of a difference in temperature. The second type of stirling engine is a Beta style stirling engine. In a Beta style stirling engine there
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