1-4 Continuity and One Sided Limits Notes


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Unformatted text preview: f and 8 1­4 Continuity and One Sided Limits Notes 2012 Properties of Continuity : if each part is continuous, then the whole is continuous **continuous at every point of it's domain** 1) polynomials 2) rational 3) radical 4) trig functions Ex 4 : Discuss the continuity a) f(x) = x + sin x b) f(x) = 3 tan x } Think about the domain. Where is the function defined? We can look at these functions as continuous in a specified domain. They may not be continuous for all real numbers. c) f(x) = x2+1 cos x 9 1­4 Continuity and One Sided Limits Notes 2012 Continuity of specific functions. 1. Polynomial functions are continuous everywhere. 2. Rational functions are continuous everywhere except where there is a hole or vertical asymptote. (continuous over the...
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