Bio Exam 1

Bio Exam 1 - 1. Chemical formula for ozone= O3 2. A key...

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Unformatted text preview: 1. Chemical formula for ozone= O3 2. A key point in Darwins explanation in evolution is that any trait that confers even a small increase in the probability that its possessor will survive and reproduce will be strongly favored and will spread through the population. 3. Metabolism is all conversions of matter and energy taking place in an organism. 4. A cell may be a distinct entity or building block of a more complex organism 5. When biologists organize species into groups, they do so based on degree of relatedness 6. Scientists group species on an evolutionary tree based on fossil, physical structures, gene similarities. 7. Which of the following is t rue- The nature and diversity of life has changed over time 8. The reason an elements atomic mass isnt a whole number is because its an average. 9. Atomic number is 15 and weight is 30.941 so it has 16 neutrons. 10. Electro negativity of an atom depends on number of protons and how far the electrons are from the nucleus. 11. Electrons dont add significant mass to the atom. 12. The number of protons equals the number of electrons. 13. Part of atom that determines how it behaves chemically is the electrons 14. Mass number is sum of protons and neutrons 15. Solutions containing buffers resist pH changes because buffers change from non ionic to ionic in response to changes in pH and release or absorb H + 16. The notation [H]+ refers to the concentration of H+ ions in moles per liter 17. A 1.0 M solution of HCl has a pH of 1.0 18. A basic solution has more OH- than H+ 19. Hydrogen bonds form between a strong electronegative atom and hydrogen 20. Ionic bonds are attractions between oppositely charged ions. 21. Optimum pH for growing strawberries is 6.5 while the optimum pH for growing blueberries is 4.5; therefore the number of hydrogen ions is 100 x greater for strawberries....
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Bio Exam 1 - 1. Chemical formula for ozone= O3 2. A key...

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