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Part I: Identify the components, then diagram and evaluate the soundness of the following arguments. Remember, there may be more than one correct way to diagram complex arguments. 1. The reason we have so many juvenile delinquents is that there are too many working mothers. C- many juvenile delinquents P1- too many working mothers Poor argument- There are many working mothers. 2. She looked into his baby blue eyes and proclaimed, “I love you.” Not an Argument. 3. You really should consider becoming physics major. The topic is interesting and there are plenty of good jobs available. With a wide range of available jobs, you probably could find a job near your home town. Of course, it will require lots of hard work. Physics is a particularly good choice for students who enjoy the sciences and mathematics. Students with math anxiety probably won’t be happy as physics majors. C- become a physics major CA- lots of hard work Q- Good for people who enjoy science and math Q- Students with math anxiety wouldn’t be happy with it. P1- plenty of good jobs available A1- has to assume that there are jobs available P2- job near your hometown A2- has to assume u live somewhere, where u would find a job near your home Poor argument There are too many qualifiers for this to be a good argument. 4. Eighteen-year-olds should not be allowed to drink because they are too young. C-18 year olds not allowed to drink P- too young Poor Argument Allowed to be in the draft Allowed to Vote Allowed to live by themselves Etc… Also no support for the conclusion 5. The trade agreement between Mexico and the U. S. is needed in order to improve the skiing in Colorado.
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C- improve the skiing in Colorado P- the trade agreement between Mexico and the U.S. A- the trade agreement had to do with skiing in Colorado Poor argument Too vague and no supporting points 6. There is too much violence shown on the network channels. Advertisers will only pay for shows that have large viewing audiences, and these tend to be shows with excessive sex and violence. For this reason, a public television station supported by tax dollars is needed. But is it fair to make all taxpayers contribute to public television stations when most don’t watch them? We believe that it is. Without tax-supported public television, we will never be able to provide high-level television programming. (This is a tough one. Try paraphrasing the meaning of a statement.) C- W/ out tax-supported TV, never will be high level TV programming P1- Too much violence on network channels P2- advisors only pay for shows with large viewing audiences P3- has excessive sex and violence C- Public TV station supported by tax dollars is needed CA- is it fair to make all taxpayers pay for it when most don’t watch them? A- TV violence on network channels are growing in violence
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Argument_Exercises__Web - Arguments & Fallacious Reasoning...

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