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Changing the picture - He realized that he should not blame...

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Knes 342 8:30 TR October 25, 2007 Video Assignment A. Name of the Video: Changing the Picture B. One or two things I learned One thing I learned was that laughter helps a person learn faster, helps a person learn something for a longer period, and helps a person learn more. This concept makes sense because people like to remember the good times, and someone is more likely to remember something if it was a good time in their life rather than believing it was a bad time. C. The aspect or principle I have experienced in the video and/or how the material pertains to me. The main principal that I have experienced is that you change yourself by changing what goes in your mind. The main story that I related to was the one about how he was overweight when he was younger.
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Unformatted text preview: He realized that he should not blame others or believe he should pity himself, he realized that he was making himself fat. After realizing that, he changed his habits and lost the weight. D. How can I apply the content in the video to myself? I can take the content as a whole to make myself a better person. I realize that there are far worse people off me the world than I, and knowing that I can let stupid things, as in a bad day, go away and focus on the positive. E. Who is John Poppy John Poppy is a 21-year-old college graduate who was born without arms, who goes around the country giving motivational speeches. F. What are the 4 things everyone wants to be 1. Happy 2. Healthy 3. Reasonably Prosperous 4. Secure...
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Changing the picture - He realized that he should not blame...

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