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Unformatted text preview: ction with the online customer service and customers’ attitude about the importance of online customer service to Internet banking. 3.7 Data Collection Online questionnaire survey was used as the data collection instrument for this research. Three reasons justify its appropriateness. • It is online because the desired sample is Internet users; therefore, Internet is the most appropriate medium to reach the sample of Internet users. Tan and Teo (2000) commented that the finding can only apply to the Internet users rather than the general population. • This research requires large quantities of data preferably 150-200 responses. It is more suitable to use the questionnaire which is predetermined set of questions for eliciting information for every variable to be measured (Tull and Hawkins, 1990). • The questionnaire is a valuable tool as it is flexible, relatively fast, accurate and easy to use in statistical analysis (Crimp and Wright, 1995). 49 3.7.1 Sample Selection The study is aimed at online customer service on Thai Internet banking to conduct the research. Thus, the population of this study consists of Thais who are more familiar with using Internet. The reason why the scope of this research should be restricted to a specific sample of Internet users. If this study conducts worldwide, there are some considerable issue whether or not sufficient response are received from each country. For instance, there will be differences in Internet infrastructure. As the results, the findings obtained from those countries can not be directly compared and therefore can not be generalized. In addition, the researcher is from Thailand and hence there was a particular interest in knowing what is happening in Thailand in term of online customer service on Thai internet banking. 3.7.2 Selecting the Sampling Method As it is impossible to reach the whole population, a sample of the population was chosen using non- probability sampling method. The study sample was selected by using convenience sampling, with the screen questions as the result of budget and time constrains. Selecting the sample for conducting survey, sample should have direct experience in using online customer service on Internet banking of Siam Commercial Bank. Then, a total of 201 personalized messages, containing the questionnaire of this research, were sent individually to Thai people known by researcher via E-mail. Statistically, it is believed that large sample size of questionnaires is considered for unbiased statistical results and can be implied for the whole population (Miller, Acton, Fullerton and Malby 2002), Harris and Schaubroeck (1990) recommend a minimum sample size of 200 usable questionnaires to guarantee the robustness of multivariate model. 50 To increase the response rate, the snowball sampling was then applied. Each respondent was asked to voluntarily send the questionnaire of this study to their respective colleagues, family and friends; or to whom that might also want to parti...
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