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Unformatted text preview: on both customer’s and agent's sides. Call Back: Agents will call customers back when customers click on “Call Back” button and choose the date and period of time for agents to phone them11. 8 www.scb.co.th , Home pages, Siam Commercial Bank. 9 www.scbeasy.com , SCB Easy Net, Siam Commercial Bank 10 www.scbbusiness.com , SCB Business Net, Siam Commercial Bank. 11 https://csc.scb.co.th/webclient1/index.jsp?language=en , SCB Easy Call Center, updated Oct, 2004. 43 3.4.5 Real Time Customer service Historically, eBusiness has focused on customer acquisition. This priority is shifting. Businesses are focusing more on customer retention. The key to customer retention is keeping them satisfied. Customer service is a large component of their satisfaction and your customer service organization needs to be able to help customers through both the pre-sales and post-sales experience. Live Chat is primarily considered a pre-sales tool; however, on the post-sales side, it offers customers immediate access to an agent, driving down service costs by substituting live interaction for phone calls. Live chat and collaboration systems provide immediate access to personalized service–right when the customers need it. With text chat, screen push and co-browse functionality, the company can select the best path to help customers complete a transaction, fill out a form or find the product they need12. The figure 3-2 show the process of Online Customer Service. Figure 3-2 : Online Customer Service Process Source: www.rightnow.com. 12 http://www.rightnow.com/products/live-chat-software.html , Right Now Technologies, updated 2006. 44 3.5 Research methods: - Questionnaire: Survey on personal customers who have the experience of using online customer service. - Interview staff in the division of internet banking development in the Siam Commercial Bank. 1. Personal interview 2. E-mail 3. Phone call - Secondary data analysis: Journal, Research, Thesis and the others related documents will be reviewed. 3.5.1 Face-to-face interview design In order to comprehend the attitude of Siam Commercial banker about the online customer service system and how does the banker support the online customer service. This research conducted a personal interview with the staff of the bank. The respondent is the person who took the responsibility in the online customer service system of internet banking development division. We use a semi-structure interview according to the suggestion of Saunders et. al., (2000). The face-to-face interview was conducted in the conference room in business development department, Head office of Siam Commercial Bank on Tuesday, August 15, 2006 at 6:00 PM. Before making the appointment to interview, researcher sent the purpose of the study and the questions to the interviewee so as to prepare the complete information for the researcher. The guideline of internship is attached the appendix 2. During the interviews we basically asked the open questions, and we used both MP 4 recorder recording and...
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