After interviews 45 the researcher asked interviewee

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Unformatted text preview: notes taking. By these two ways we could make sure not to forget anything. In order to avoid any misunderstanding, we discussed with the interviewees in Thai during the interviews. After interviews 45 the researcher asked interviewee left his e-mail and contact number in order to respond to the questions that arose afterwards. 3.6 Questionaire development The questionnaire (See Appendix1) was developed based on research questions and frame reference. There are three main sections for this questionnaire. At the head line of the questionnaire, the purpose of the study was presented to help respondents gain better understanding about the research. The first section gathers respondent’s perceived service quality towards using Online customer service. The second section seeks for the respondents’ satisfaction and loyalty to Siam Commercial internet banking. The last section collect the information about respondent’s profile covering their gender, age, education, occupation and income. A 5-point Likert-scale (1 = strongly disagree , 2 = disagree, 3 = neutral, 4 = agree and 5 = strongly agree), and the scored question was used (the lowest score is 1 through the highest score is 10). We also used the multiple selection and open up questions for asking the opinion of interviewee. The survey was conducted with 201 internet banking customers those who have used online customer service experience. Table 3-3: Measurement used in this research Variable Reliability No. 1 2 3 4 5 Responsiveness 6 Question Online customer service performs the service right at first time. Online customer service delivers the service exactly as promised. Online customer service provides information that exactly fit your needs. Online customer service completes a task accurately. I can trust on online customer service function of Siam Commercial Bank. Online customer service is prompt in responding to your requires/requests Type of Scale Likert-scale Likert-scale Likert-scale Likert-scale Likert-scale Likert-scale 46 7 8 9 Security 10 11 12 13 14 Ease of use 15 16 17 18 Access 19 20 21 Importance of online customer service Customer satisfaction 22 23 Online customer service contains comprehensive FAQs (Frequency Asked Questions) sections to guide you for your common problems. Online customer service provides enough knowledgeable staffs to solve the problems. Online customer service processes problem fast Online customer service keeps accurate records of my account transaction. Online customer service provides security for my transaction data and privacy. Online customer service is secure. I feel safe when I using the Online customer service site. I am confident the security of overall Online customer service systems. Online customer service is easy to use. Online customer service site provides the Language that I understand. Information contents and texts are easy to understand. The instructions on the Online customer service site are clear Online customer service is truly 24x7, there are no occasions when the website is inaccessible. There are e-mail links and /or a web based query facilities so that I can get in touch with bank. I can log in to my acco...
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