Lastly the bank has a corporate communication office

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Unformatted text preview: anning, monitors and supports its Six Sigma-related projects, and executes major initiatives that span all of the Bank’s business and functional areas. Lastly, the Bank has a Corporate Communication Office and a Board Secretariat & Shareholder Services Office7. 3.4.3 Siam Commercial Bank Information Technology Background Information technology serves as the backbone of the Bank’s infrastructure across all of its business and functional units. Starting from the end of 2002, the Bank launched an ambitious program for Building IT Effectiveness known as BITE. Over the last three years, almost all the required building blocks have been put in place to provide a robust and functionally rich environment, with very high levels of systems availability and performance. Furthermore, these investments are totally aligned with the Bank’s needs for rapid growth, differentiated products, and very high levels of availability. The Bank’s IT functions are centralized and encompass development, delivery operations, architecture/design, data management, quality assurance, and information security. The IT Group supplements its resources by working in close partnership with selected service providers who are based in Thailand and overseas. Apart from complimenting the resource and skill base of the IT Group, these partnerships allow the Bank to extend its environment to encompass better delivery capabilities and know-how to a 7 , Annual Report 2005, Siam Commercial Bank 42 level that matches the IT environments found in the mature IT environments of developed countries. 3.4.4 Online customer service system Send Mail: This service is used for sending e-mails to SCB Customer Service Center agents. Customers can ask for more information on bank products and services that they are interested in. Moreover they can also make complaints for any inconvenience that they find while using SCB products and services. Web Chat: Customers can click on the button that shown on the customer service window in order to chat with agents via a chat window. It is where they can make a conversation and receive instant messages and information from agents. Web Collaboration: is one of new customer services from SCB Customer Service Center. If customers find problems occurred in SCB related websites which are SCB Home page8 , SCB Easy Net9 for personal customers and SCB Business Net10 for the corporate customers. A customer can use this service by using 2 approaches as media. The first method is by making a call to SCB Customer Service Center (SCB CSC), 0-2777-7777 while he or she is connecting with SCB CSC website. After signing in for “Web Collaboration”, the co-browsed window will be appeared together with co-browsed ID. Agent can do “Web Collaboration” by using a co-browsed ID from him. Thus, a customer should make a call to CSC agents to tell them the co-browsed ID. Secondly, there is a “Cobrowsing” button in “Web Chat” page. Customer’s action is to just click on this button and the co-browsed window will be popped up...
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