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Kyle Garrity Professor Sharyn Nelson EN-101I Journal #3 Due 9/7/07 I find Paulo Freire’s essay on the “banking” concept of education lacking of construction. His work just frowns upon the current education system. Freire consistently complains about the way students are being taught. For the whole essay Freire clearly despises the current system and he brings up all of same points again and again. By using big words Freire tries to make his essay seem sophisticated and factual, but really his essay is just the same point stated over and over again but in different words. Freire uses ridiculous terms such as “oppressor” to describe teachers.
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Unformatted text preview: This is absurd. Describing teachers like they are going to murder their students is crazy. There is really no construction in this essay, Freire just emphasizes his disapproval of the education system. Then at the end of his essay, Freire finally quits his whining and quickly describes the system that he favors. Overall, Freire just brings up many of the same points continuously throughout the essay and just basically rants and raves about the education system. The only construction I see is a brief, repetitive, but sophisticated list of why Freire disapproves of the education system....
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