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journal 7 - that of the “scholarship boy” This...

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Kyle Garrity Professor Sharyn Nelson EN-101I Journal #7 Due 10/3/07 The College Writer’s Reference guide describes the style of academic writing to be impersonal and neutral. Richard Rodriguez’s essay The Achievement of Desire in The Ways of Reading uses both a casual and academic style. Rodriguez uses the first person narrative, which automatically makes this work personal. “Always successful, I was always unconfident,” says Rodriguez on page 563. He is personally identifying himself, which according to The College Writer’s Reference guide, is not considered academic writing. Most of the essay is personal in the sense that it is a first person telling of Rodriguez’s life story. The most academic this essay gets is how Rodriguez relates himself to Hoggart and his description of a “scholarship boy”. “Scholarship boy: good student, troubled son.” Rodriguez does a good job analyzing his life and comparing it to
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Unformatted text preview: that of the “scholarship boy”. This demonstrates good academic writing. Overall, Rodriguez’s writing style is academic, because the personal information is just a story, not so much an opinion. He does a brilliant job in analyzing and comparing his life to Hoggart’s “scholarship boy”. Rodriguez looks back on his childhood and discusses his experiences in an academic way. “A primary reason for my success in the classroom was that I couldn’t forget that schooling was changing me and separating me from the life I enjoyed before becoming a student.” This quote is taken from page 564 and shows Rodriguez’s reflection on his past. This shows the opinionated and personal side to his work. The style held throughout the essay is him reflecting on his past with a bit of opinion, but at the same time he uses academic writing to compare it to Hoggart....
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journal 7 - that of the “scholarship boy” This...

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