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Kyle Garrity Professor Sharyn Nelson EN-101I Journal 8 Due 11/16/07 The story I picked to trace is the Heinrich Himmler story. This story is about a young boy whose father was a Nazi. His father has Heinrich write journals and he teaches Heinrich to become a Nazi. As a boy, Heinrich’s father instructed him to do everything, so becoming a Nazi and a soldier was fairly easy for him because he was raised to be dependant on a leader. “Heinrich Himmler was also fascinated with crime. Along with books about Jews, he read avidly on the subjects of police work, espionage, torture” (Griffin; 328). These interests made it very easy and natural for Heinrich to become a soldier.
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Unformatted text preview: As the war progressed, Heinrich’s went up in rank and found himself giving the order for execution. He began to feel sick at what he was doing and got to a point where he refused to watch the executions. He even tried to save one of the Jewish men. The way this story was told was by narration. It is one long story intertwined with others to make a point. Griffin uses primary research to write this because in her first person narration sections she mentions reading Heinrich’s journals and diaries first hand, which counts as gaining experience from the holocaust almost directly, and not relying on literature to sum up the holocaust....
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