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Kyle Garrity Professor Sharyn Nelson EN-101I Mary Louise Pratt: Arts of the Contact Zone Annotations, Due 10/22/07 Summary: Pratt starts off by telling a story of how she overheard her son using the phonics he learned in school to try and pronounce baseball player names. She watched him begin getting into the sport of baseball and baseball trading cards, which taught him many skills and allowed him to use what he was learning in school. She then talked about an ancient
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Unformatted text preview: culture that wrote a book in a no longer used language. She talked about the groups and people involved with the book and she talked about the man who translated it. Her major ideas were about contact zones and how different cultures effect each other. Topic : Contact zones, how cultures react with one another. Purpose: ? Audience: ? Project: To show what contact zones are and how cultures are effected. Controlling Idea: ? Ideas of Merit: ?...
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