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Kyle Garrity Professor Sharyn Nelson EN-101-I 11/7/07 “Reading with and against the Grain” “Reading, then, requires a difficult mix of authority and humility.” I feel this quote, the first sentence of the passage, best illustrates my understanding of the passage. The passage speaks of two different ways of reading, reading with the grain and reading against the grain. Reading with the grain involves working inside “someone else’s system”, and understanding, agreeing with, and rewording what the author is saying. Reading against the grain is all about challenging the author and questioning everything they have to say, creating new knowledge. The “authority and humility” the quote speaks
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Unformatted text preview: of is reading against the grain (the authority) and reading with the grain (the humility). It is saying in order to read against the grain, one has to take control of the text and make something out of it. One has to make new knowledge when reading against the grain by questioning the author arguing over the context. The difference between identifying and practicing the strategy of “reading with and against the grain” is simple. I identified the strategy immediately after reading the passage about it. All it took was one read through being that it was a fairly simple concept. After reading this I began utilizing the strategy, at which point it became a practice in my writing....
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