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Kyle Garrity Professor Sharyn Nelson EN-101I Rodriguez Paper Due 10/8/07 “Raised Educationally” After another reading of Richard Rodriguez’s “The Achievement of Desire”, I began to realize that although many of the details may be different, Rodriguez, myself, and many others, all share the same general experiences of growing up, leaving home, being educated and entering the world. We all become educated in one way or another as we grow up, it just happens in different ways. My mother was and still is a twelfth grade English teacher in my school district. She would always be extremely hard on me with education and I was raised to be a firm believer in a strong education. My mother pushed me all through my schooling years, and in elementary and middle schools I tried my best because education was all I really knew. As high school came around, I began growing up and thinking for myself, and I began to have my own thoughts on education. I started to lose interest in school and my mom continued to help me, which is why my grades stayed at a decent level. Rodriguez did not become educated in this way because although his family
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This essay was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course EN 101 taught by Professor Nelson during the Fall '07 term at Quinnipiac.

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rodriguez paper - Kyle Garrity Professor Sharyn Nelson...

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