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Kyle Garrity Professor Dorothy Howell EN-102-03 Essay 2 due 3/7/08 Nothing But the Truth “In a world where everyone survives telling lies to each other and, more importantly, to him – or herself, the person who tells the truth is the one who strips away the protective fabrications and, in the process, conjures up the most chaos” (Ancona 1). From the play Othello, there are many characters that interact with one another and display a wide range of characteristics. There are the villains and the heroes. For this essay, use your knowledge of Othello , the articles, and the introductory notes of the play to establish a well formed essay in which you analyze a character who represents the above quote. (adapted from Christine) When a villain comes to mind, one would commonly think of a liar. In the play Othello by William Shakespeare, however, it is the truth that can be used as a weapon. Iago, one of the main characters in Othello , lives in a world engulfed in lies. So what does he have to do to stir up chaos? He tells the truth. In the article “Honest” Iago, Dr. Francesco Ancona, the author writes about how Iago is the only character in all of Othello who tells the truth to himself and others. Francesco brings up how, ironically, it is Iago’s words of truth that bring chaos to the community. What Iago did was find hidden secrets in people and use it against them. Iago would uncover a truth or hidden feeling in someone that he would use to manipulate
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This essay was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course EN 101 taught by Professor Nelson during the Fall '07 term at Quinnipiac.

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essay 2 - Kyle Garrity Professor Dorothy Howell EN-102-03...

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