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Journal 1

Journal 1 - appreciate the text Even without an...

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Kyle Garrity Professor Dorothy Howell EN-102*03 Journal 1 Due 1/28/08 If a reader fails to understand or appreciate text, is it a factor of the author, the reader, or both? This question can be interpreted in many ways. I think that understanding and appreciating are two entirely different things. One does not have to understand the subject of the text in order to appreciate it. If text is confusing the reader, both the author and the reader can be at fault. It is the author’s job to stay focused and convey an idea or get across a message or information, while it is the reader’s job to keep an opened mind and build on what the text is saying. If the reader fails to read with an open mind, or the author fails to stay focused, the message of the text is lost. Even though the author may fail to communicate properly, I feel it is only the reader’s job to
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Unformatted text preview: appreciate the text. Even without an understanding, it is important to appreciate the work the author put in. Appreciation may also assist in a further understanding. What is the role/place of emotion in essays? The role and use of emotion can vary in writing. Emotion makes an essay much more personal, which usually makes it less professional. However, emotion can add credibility to an essay if used sparingly and carefully with plenty of facts to back up the opinion. If the author is an expert in the area of the essay, then the opinion of the author adds a lot of credibility to what he or she is saying. Emotion can also be placed in essays in order to draw a reaction and emotion from the reader. In the end, both the reader and writer play very important roles in literature. Each assists the other in developing new knowledge and opinions....
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