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Kyle Garrity Professor Dorothy Howell EN-102-03 Journal 4 due 2/13/08 Chapter 3 "As He Himself Puts It" The Art of Quoting summary In Chapter 3, Graff & Birkenstein discuss the use of quotes as a way of supporting an argument. "Quoting someone else's words gives a tremendous amount of credibility to your summary and helps ensure that it is fair and accurate." (39) G & B begin the chapter by explaining how many people assume that quotes speak for themselves and that the reader will automatically know the meaning and purpose of the quote. G & B then go on to break up the important parts of quoting into sections. G & B want writers to quote relevant passages and not just toss random quotes into an essay. The quotes have to make sense and fit into the section in which they are
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Unformatted text preview: placed. G & B also explain how the writer must frame quotes, or set up explanations before and after the quote. This makes the relevance and meaning clear to the reader. G & B stress not to be a "hit-and-run" quoter, by which they mean a writer who throws a quote in an essay and doesn't explain its purpose. G & B display templates to assist with introducing and explaining quotations. G & B then move on to talk about blending the author's words with your own. They want writers to use quotes as a way of expanding on thoughts of their own. In brief, Chapter 3 teaches writers how to properly use quotations in essays and different ways in which to do so....
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