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Journal 6

Journal 6 - text If the reader decides to interpret the...

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Kyle Garrity Professor Dorothy Howell EN-102-03 Journal 6 due 2/27/08 “Regularly grouped with Hamlet , King Lear , and Macbeth , it is sometimes described as the most dramatic, the most playable, of the great tragedies, but such praise often masks a dubious assessment of its artistic status” (xxxi). This is Russ McDonald’s description of Othello as stated in the Introduction to his edited version of the famous play by William Shakespeare. Othello can be interpreted in various ways, from the creative and different interpretations to the mainstream textbook descriptions, Othello is a widely discussed play that vastly changes per each reader’s perspective. One of the biggest factors that marginalizes the reader is the fact that Shakespeare writes in Old English, which most modern day people do not fully understand. Many readers will either interpret the text for themselves or read a textbook translation of the
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Unformatted text preview: text. If the reader decides to interpret the text for themselves, then his or her own opinion and imagination gets involved with the story. An Othello specific margin would be how Shakespeare portrays the character of Othello as black. This fact leads to different people thinking different things about the character. For example, a racist white person might not have the same opinions about Othello’s character as a non-racist black person. Othello and the opinions and feedback it receives could be described with the image of a tree. Everyone reads the same (or maybe a watered down or easy to read version, but still the same story) Othello story, which could be one big tree branch. Then everyone’s different opinions make up the various branches of the tree....
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Journal 6 - text If the reader decides to interpret the...

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