Anthropology 2015

Anthropology 2015
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Unformatted text preview: Anthropology 2015: Modern Archaeology (Heather McKillop) Lewis Binford "New Archaeology" 1960's to present- series of papers that transformed archaeology new archaeology = processual archaeology (study of process of cultural change) Object of New Archaeology- search for universal laws that govern cultural behavior and cultural change. Main goals of archeology today: culture history, past lifeways, culture process The 10 reasons we should consider Lewis Binford the father of New Archaeology (10) radiocarbon dating- introduced by Lewis Binford, archeologists freed to investigate culture 1949 Willard Libby Sampling Normative Range of variation (9) Statistics- he introduced how important they were Albert Spaulding- Grandfather of New Archaeology, statistics are no substitute for thought (8) Problem oriented- Deductive method of hypothesis testing, induction method of the past...
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