Journal 8

Journal 8 - most intriguing of characters. Both of these...

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Kyle Garrity Professor Dorothy Howell EN-102-03 Journal 8 due 3/31/08 “Superb… Hilarious but poignant, filled with enchantments yet dead- on accurate with regard to modern Indian life, this tour de force will leave readers wondering if Alexie himself hasn’t made a deal with the Gentleman in order to do everything so well.” - Publishers Weekly (starred review) This review of Reservation Blues is very well said, and definitely accurate. Alexie dangerously mixes comedy with sadness, alongside a very realistic representation of modern day Indian life. I have yet to finish the novel, but what I have read so far is terrifyingly real. “There, she saw the future and the past, the white soldiers in blue uniforms with black rifles and pistols. She saw the Indian horses shot and fallen like tattered sheets.” ( Reservation Blues , 10) So far in the book, I have found Robert Johnson and Big Mom to be the
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Unformatted text preview: most intriguing of characters. Both of these characters hold a sense of mystique and seem to play important connecting roles in the novel. Johnson appears to have made a deal with the Devil, whom he strangely calls he Gentleman. I sold my soul to the Gentleman so I could play this damn guitar better than anybody ever played guitar ( Reservation Blues , 8). Johnson seems to think that Big Mom will be able to get his soul back. When Thomas told Johnson nobody goes up the mountain to see [Big Mom], I guessed that maybe Big Mom had to do with the supernatural, especially since Johnson feels this old woman can retrieve his soul. After reading the various blurbs on Reservation Blues , I know I will not be disappointed by either of these characters or the novel, and I look forward to understanding these mysteries....
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Journal 8 - most intriguing of characters. Both of these...

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