Lecture 6

society postmodernism postmodernism argues that all

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Unformatted text preview: and sexuality Also generally (e.g., what is masculinity in a given society?) society?) Postmodernism Postmodernism • Argues that all knowledge is influenced by the Argues observer’s culture and social position observer’s • No such thing as objectivity • Cultural construction depend on: frame of Cultural reference, power, history reference, • Most ethnographies are now more sensitive Most to differences of: Voice, Power, Portrayal to Adventure Travel vs. Anthropology Anthropology • Programs like Living with the Kombai Programs Living (video clip) (video • Journalists, travel writers, adventurers, Journalists, travelers travelers • Anthropology tries to set itself apart Anthropology from these other occupations and pastimes through the use of research methods and through its code of ethics methods AAA Code of Ethics AAA • Anthropological researchers must be open about the Anthropological purpose(s), potential impacts, and source(s) of support for research projects - thou shalt not lie thou • Researchers must utilize the results of their work and Researchers disseminate the results through appropriate and timely activities - though shalt publish though • Anthropological researchers have primary ethical Anthropological obligations to the people, species, and materials they...
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