Lecture 6

Functionalism theory focused on finding theory

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Unformatted text preview: e and – In socially stratified societies, different groups have different In interests and this creates conflict interests Characteristics of Culture: Patterned, Integrated, Shared Patterned, • Functionalism: theory focused on finding theory general laws that identify elements of society, how they relate to each other, and how they maintain social order - looks for laws of maintain cultural behavior (Radcliffe-Brown and Malinowski) Malinowski) • Today, many anthropologists focus on the Today, conflicts within the system (influenced by Karl Marx and Max Weber) Marx Subculture v. Dominant Culture Culture • • Subculture: A system of perceptions, system values, beliefs, and customs that are significantly different from those of a larger, dominant culture within the same society same Dominant culture: the culture of the the group that controls greater wealth and power in a society and can thus impose its understanding of the world on subcultures subcultures Describing a(nother) culture Ethnography of Speaking Ethnography • This is the model for linguistic This anthropology today anthropology • Dell Hymes and John Gumperz - early Dell 1960s 1960s • Remedy a gap - at time, no Remedy comparative ethnographies of how people use language use • Hymes called for a structural analysis of Hymes communication in relation to speech that attends to patterns and functions of patterns language use Ethnography of Speaking Ethnography • Look at “meaning in use” - not just structural analysis Look of language, vocabulary and grammar of • how community categorizes behavior and how communication, including what a community defines as speaking speaking • Also the other “paralinguistic” features of expression, Also such as tone, prosody, etc such • Example: Spradley and Mann’s article on asking for a Example: drink drink Next Time • Discuss Spradley and Mann “How to Ask for a Drink” • Discuss Geertz “Deep Play”...
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