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1718 and si gni cant l y di fferent from zero usi ng

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Unformatted text preview: ing par amet er s using t he matx imum flik elihoest imat e, ar iat e nor mal papamet er deedback . Since mat e exceeds ohe coe fi cienindiretoiv reflect ing some r osit iv e f ist r ibuO efeito t od mult é positivo e significando t i ont anddt ffe mi x edbanwleencahe SDiM coefcrci ent iand cthen 3.2.1. impactes ofimat e is a t l Hess an des f i bed Se i o er i he i herence et > yéi possível encontrarnefeito direct A sentre = weretused. T he repiort ed meants, st spllover v i at iests 2,000 siy smal ld wraws ul d concl ude t hat feedback effect sandard dll andon t likely ver mul at e, d e wo ar e sma e no and t -st at i st i cs wer e aonvariáveis m t he si mul at i on out put . cs st r uct ed fr o explicativas. of economi c si gni fi cance. If we consider t he directsobre os we see t hat t hese are close t o t he SD M impact s, bairros In con• r...
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