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Unformatted text preview: at ion t -st at i st i c Infer ence r egar ding t he SDM model dir ect and indir ect (spillover ) impact s di r ect effect 0.1201 0.0243 4.95 woul d be based on t he summar y measur es of di r ect and i ndi r ect i mpact s f or indir ect effect 0.1718 0.0806 2.13 t he SD M model . T he mat r i x ex pr essi on r efl ect i ng t he own- and cr oss-par t i al t ot al effect 0.2919 0.1117 2.61 der ivat ives f or t his model t akes t he f or m: Interpretação: Sr ( W ) = V ( W )( I n α 1 direto )é muito parecido com o + W α2 o O efeito direct V f(fW ) = ( I n − e W ) −011201 + ρW +oρ2 W 2 + ρ3 Wr3 + . t.s feedback effect s e ect est imat ρ of . = I n equal t 0.0089 rep esen . valor estimado para sugerindo que o efeito t hat ar i se as a r esul t of i mpact s passi ng t hr ough nei ghbor i ng r egi ons and f n t est imat m hat wer e pr o is p Tablck3.4 r t herr egioectis self. The tuito pequeno. osityiv e since t he impact est iba e t o epo t s effeetbeak é es discrepancy duced b simulat...
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