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Unformatted text preview: rme SEM my k n he par p erro ced ion: α 2 v − v 1 T h s i l caseonde o tmodeloamet er rest rictby um caso especial ques onl o s tfhte r ubl e goo ra el at i onreet correlacionados.whi ch spi h quando eo o eartioesiurgeepe weirc n∗acedr*nnãouestãoweennmeasured and unmeasu at b of k owl edge Tal p cks, an edge st ropriedadedpode andtestadotpelo est r i ctden α 2 = − ρα 1 is t r u en itphin6oheapa gionam,nlserlinelhheadheyr iteste t ins. he SeM verhuspo twe r el y a si ap d i kw in oor bat r egio ofHausman. ig st SD WE m a t er p e∗ -r o t es o t l easur ed k nor ict ion α 2 a −tρα 1t for t excluded nd om plhe at a. t o t est t he r est wledge = ha is hi s model a f r sam t e d mo he included var iable a. I t i s wel l -k nown t hat r egi onal t he dependent var i abl e such as SAR or SD M . T hi s i s not a val i d compar i son as t he SE M does not pr ovide for spillover s. T he SDM summar y impact est imat es based on par t ial der i vat iv es ar e r epor t ed in Tabl e 3.4, and wi l l b e di scussed short l y. Es...
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