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Unformatted text preview: om t d ar i a ing eads t o ma ni fica i o( ˆ ) t β + v, v , omidt ed( λari= λes The.r eTihi s ohasympulot idi fferasfr om he est i matfinding t an t E ˆ ) abl . bi as s n t i rd res t t c bi s i n t t he usual e of p endent var i able used her e was const r uct ed using an i ew, we can pl ausi bl y r el y on a si ngl e ex pl anat or y var i abl e vect o tehtenr elat regi oshlart esk off knowlr dae, d sul tenasnuheptodel iof( 3.5 n i g t he ive na s oc o laboe g n re t h i g i s t m m ion n co we use a in (3.58) t o r epr esent lnA . OBS: o viés de variável omitida é maior no estimador t var iable (tdo al factde SDM. iv it y) r epr esent s what i de OLS ot que no or pr oduct as t he Solow r esidual,n as lnA t+ivat ed in Chapt er 1(3. . y = α ι + β mo ε Exemplo: n pl ausi bl y r el y on a ι n i+ gla +ex pl anat or y var i abl e (3e v. y = α snβe ε Analisando a relação entre produtividade total dos regiiafble lAswackoofouuooed lusi ngdehSolow,icomogvariável todtel aipp ona t os c n kn w edge, resul t ng i n t he m n var atores (PTF),st r ctresíduo t e st ock of r e i onal pa en s n discoun eo r ea(yesxo tfolntA . r e ional st ock of knowledg ly (3.58) t t d as prpr oenestoque degconhecimento regional e. L eSa dependente ) e y r he r and comongel l ( 200explicativaa(det ai l ed descr i pt i on of t he...
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