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Unformatted text preview: sitaptture ulsing Autoregressivescenar io involving )nt partir influences. W v es n influenceyon explodeptet o c tua ar iabtle. I t ais eressof l at e t a are r eadi l eavai uma nden v ion espacial unlikimpleha o agente que toma t he bl dependência hese t yp y ely t entre temporal e a ehisexistência busing a i er o simple ecenanio in t lving pe dent v ioa de y h il pl e y sx ai r ed b olr edtarenrsit uatar avaieabtl eattovsccymuret elheseptlyp es ofyvlowontxpl anator y var i esl es x aanecisãonh seu oci at ed aptl ar par amet er s β and at. eFor si mpl i ci t y, we eadizywi te assvizinho. ca l l t dd ab s θ e y rte t hisssitomtpl etel y ex pl ai ned simpleoscenaaioainvolvinghat i c ua ion using a ver y by t w ex pl r n t or y var i plo assume t he n × 1 vect or s x and z are di st ri but ed N (0, I n ), and we assume x alssoctzhtatdi s calmrnldenVariávelsOmitida.θ. oForplsi nat or yt y, rwe e d e is Viés de r y ex ea β b d any i aare 2. dop e pt eltametplr i nedany t w ex ampl i ci va i n e ap ea . ctasr s ci aand scal ar dartamet terd β andI n .), Fordsiwe lasstumwe oso x t e d z are pi s ri bu es N (0, θ an mp i ci y, e x nt . vect or s x andVariáveisst ri but ed y = modelos Espaciais: me x N (0, I ), θ (2.7) • z are di omitidas em x βn+ zand we assu amenidades locacionais, dent . acesso a rodovias, bairros tradicionais, etc. Given bot h x and z, sol ut ion of t he linear syst em would yield an exact β and y = β + ur θ. T he absence ofxa di stzθ bance t er m si mpl i fi es di scover y(2.7) e par amet er s. of t h y caseβ + zθt he vect or z is not obser ved. Since t he unobser ved = x where (2.7) Consider t he solrut bl e zof t het lineaelatyst em h tould byield anect orct ,βwancan st i l l uncover ion is no cor r r s ed wit w he o ser ved v exa x e d va i a z,i stol ut ioncof tter m si mr lsysts di scould y of t he pxaametand. s ur a e linea p eem yield an ea ct β e dβ . I n bhin casehehe vect oirfizθ actw ovstãoeindependentesee a,...
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