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In conjunct ion wit h t he exogenous sample connect

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Unformatted text preview: in conjunct ion= wit h− tρW )exogenous sample connect21) y infor he − 1 ε ivit a (I n (2. i ned i n t he mat r i x W , we can f easi bl y est i mat e t he n × 1 vect or s a.t roducedi nheg calar 9)aramet( 2.ρ 1) d ia lscal ar eoi sGvari ant he spat i al e i n Comb t i n s ( 2.1 p and er 2 an y e ds t h n D e P of ce O PGD com esta característica é estimado com base no modelo de 2 (SE M). ε in conjunct ion wit h t he exogenous sample connect ivit y infor erro espacial (SEM). i ned i n t he mat r i x W , we can f easi bl y est i mat e t he n × 1 vect or 2 ε s a. Combi ni ng ( 2.19) and ( 2.21) y i el ds t he D GP of t he spat i al (SEM). −1 y = X β + ( I n − ρW ) ε (2.22) , spat ial het er oX eneit I n pr ovidesεanot her way of m(2.ivat,ing ssituação se • y Quando existe ρW ) − 1 aeX = g β + ( y − dependência espacial entreot 22) esta paassemelha o S modelos de efeitos ce. In t his tcase,cttihe dep endence onombe viewed as er r ortrabalha-se com I n rodu on t aos pat i al Ec can et ri csfixos, quando dep eny, spat ial het er ogeneitem rpainel. anot her way of mot ivat ing spadados y p ovides nce. In indep eNestet caso:ndence cansee hat ε ins(2.21)dis en- ced by is not t his •case, t he depX ? Suppo b t viewed a er r or ep r epla nden of e odel t he dist ur bances, wher e t her e is a por t ion t hat is cor r elat ed is not indep= ndentaof X ? Suppose t hat ε in (2.21) is r eplaced by (2.23) ae lanather dist urρW les Xnd+e t herr t is n p or t ion t hat is cendenttednoise. In o y varbab + a her a poe ioa t hat is indep or r ela iances, w γ odel t −1 −1 has ttor y a ar iables aρW a )por tγ +ht hat−isρindephe r educed for ms2f or a he v = mI nin (2.2) X ion ( Il eads W ) t endent noise. In (2. 4) for ( − nd 3 whic n to lana − ρh − 1( γ t 4) he fo .2 ) βnd tI)n whicW l)eadsl o +del wit h iid ms for a ( 2.25 2 m in + hasatnd (yr = 5X a(2.2(3he empir icaXtmohe) r educed fordist ur bances ) in 4) and ( 2y 5) and y he X (pir+ al)moWlX (it hρiid + ur bances in (2.26) .2= ρW t + em β ic γ...
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