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Kyle Garrity Professor Jack Millea PL-101 Fall 2007 Essay #2 Due 11/02/07 Is Tradition a Neurosis? Tradition is a neurosis . A neurosis is defined as a mental disturbance or disease . Ruth Benedict, the author of Patterns of Culture , believes that tradition today is “as neurotic as any patient”, and that it really doesn’t make much sense to blindly follow old traditions when they no longer make sense in the modern world. This can apply to many areas of tradition, such as sex and gender and religion. In the world we live in, where change is inevitable, holding on to a tradition just doesn’t make sense. Much of religion is based on tradition, and many people today strictly follow their religion. Many of these religious traditions may at one time have made sense, but are now very neurotic, absurd, and unnecessary. Premarital sex is a good example of this. Back in the time of the Greeks, Greeks commonly had premarital sex. When the Christian Church began gaining power, they frowned upon the Greeks and considered premarital sex a sin. It quickly became a Christian tradition to remain a virgin until married. One of the reasons for this was to prevent having a child while single. Now, with the meaning and purpose of sex rapidly changing from reproduction to pleasure, and with new ways to prevent pregnancy, it seems silly to stick with tradition and maintain abstinence. Another example like this would be the kosher tradition with Jews. Back when the black plague was occurring, Jews set strict food rules in order not to catch the
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essay 2 revision - Kyle Garrity Professor Jack Millea...

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