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Garrity 1 Kyle Garrity Professor Jack Millea PL-101 Fall 2007 Essay #3 Due 12/07/07 The Future of Film and the Movie Theatre Up until recently, the movie theatre had always been a social activity that showcased the artwork of truly talented filmmakers. With the advent of the handheld camcorder and the digital age beginning to have a major impact, film and the traditional movie theatre is becoming endangered. The feature film is dying. “The Tipping Point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire.” (Gladwell) The handheld camcorder was the tipping point for film. What was once an accessibly limited art for the exclusively talented is now becoming a very common “must have” for a family vacation. More and more people are seeing how easy it is to make your own movie. Younger kids are using their parent’s camcorders and becoming interested in film at a level that was never before possible. N.Y.U. Tisch claims that their film school is becoming more and more competitive each year because of the massive increase in applicants. “You should have your own equipment, even if your school offers a lab. You'll need a great computer, a digital camcorder, and some editing software.” (Wieland) This quote is taken from, and is part of an article talking about the future of film schools and what you need to get started in the field. Only up until recently was it possible to cover all aspects of film on a personal, individual level. Robert Rodriguez is the perfect example of somebody who went into the industry as a “one-man film crew” and made movies all on his own. Rodriguez set the future of
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Garrity 2 film by creating his very successful film El Mariachi . The $7,000 budget film made people realize that everything one needed to make a good movie was now readily available. Rodriguez made it seem as though anybody could do this. “The moment you think about that you want to be a film-maker you're that. Make yourself a business card that says you're a film-maker, pass them out to your friends, soon as you get that over
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essay 3 - Garrity 1 Kyle Garrity Professor Jack Millea...

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