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carter - saying I don’t really see how he expects any of...

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Kyle Garrity President Carter’s speech was all about how security with nuclear weapons is very lax, and how nobody seems to be addressing the problem of impending doom. Carter says that there are so many nuclear weapons (roughly 30,000 in the world) that if one country were to set one off, it could set off a chain reaction and end the world in a nuclear war. He wants people to start recognizing this major, worldwide problem, and start doing something about it, like disarming all nuclear weapons. Overall, it was an excellent speech, but I don’t fully agree with everything he was
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Unformatted text preview: saying. I don’t really see how he expects any of this to happen, if you ask me, Carter is being a little too idealistic here. If a country, especially us, disarms their weapons first, everyone else will attack. Nobody wants to be the first to disarm. I think if it wasn’t so hot in the building I would have enjoyed his speech much more. The only element that made it worth it was Carter’s presence. Seeing him in front of you in person instead of on a T.V. was pretty cool....
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