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Kyle Garrity QU 101 Professor Dave Herscovici 12/12/07 Outside Activity The outside activity I decided to attend for this class was a jazz concert in Buckman Theatre on November 28 th . The band was called The Four Freshmen. These were not the original Four Freshmen jazz group, but a newer band with the same style. The majority of the audience was older couples that came to hear some holiday jazz tunes. There was a drummer, trumpet player, bassist, and guitarist in the band. All four were excellent at vocals and had fair shares of solos between singing and instrumentals.
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Unformatted text preview: The harmony in their voices was perfect for the smooth holiday songs. At first they started off with several of their own songs from their new album, but then moved on to Christmas songs. The concert seemed to go by very fast, and when they were done the elderly were clapping so hard I thought for a second there would be an encore. Overall, the new Four Freshmen is holding down the ancient reputation very strongly, and I was quite impressed with the quality of the show....
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