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Kyle Garrity I found the two “voices of experience” to be extremely interesting. Their stories were deep and vivid. I was impressed with how much they remembered especially since they were so little when it happened. It was very saddening to hear the stories of their families being wiped out. Granoff’s speech had basically the same points as Carter’s speech; it was just a little more aggressive. Overall I enjoyed the event. I liked how even though the men didn’t speak English, they still spoke in Japanese and then had a translator.
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Unformatted text preview: This gave it a more personal experience touch and feel. I just don’t get why they used a translator who didn’t speak the great English, especially when it seemed as though he was just reading off of a script anyway. I really didn’t like the way Granoff presented his speech. He was way too aggressive, especially when he got angry that people left a little early. Like Carter, he was a good public speaker but I did not agree with what he had to say....
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