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Exploring the Solar System Project #2 How Does a Telescope Work? A telescope is a device that makes objects appear closer to you than they actually are. Since we can’t see things that are very far away using the naked eye, the telescope is a useful invention to help see things that the naked eye can not. Telescopes come in all shapes and sizes; the Hubble Space Telescope weighs an amazing several tons. There are two types of telescopes: the refractor telescope and the reflector telescope. The refractor telescope uses glass lenses in its anatomy, while the reflector telescope uses mirrors instead of lenses.
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Unformatted text preview: Although theses telescope are made of different materials, they both achieve the same goal. The objective lens (in refractors) or primary mirror (in reflectors) collects a lot of light from a distant object and brings that image to a point or focus . An eyepiece lens takes the bright light from the focus of the objective lens or primary mirror and "spreads it out" (magnifies it) to take up a large portion of the retina. This is the same principle that a magnifying glass uses. The combination of an objective lens or primary mirror with the eyepiece makes up a telescope....
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