April 4 - Need Notes from Wednesday April 2nd 2008...

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Need Notes from Wednesday April 2 nd , 2008 Alternative Extra Credit Assignment on WebCT is due on the last day of class. April 4, 2008 1. Stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination: a. Stereotypes : Set of beliefs about attributes of group. b. Prejudice : Unfavorable Attitude about a group. An emotional, affective component. Prejudice and Stereotypes are not always negative, they might be positive (Ex. People may positively judge you about your personality and qualities). c. Discrimination : All about behavior. Can be negative or positive, but your actions flow from either your stereotypes about the group they are a part of. d. Measurement : i. Self-Report : Often times people can figure out what the experimenter is trying to measure, especially if they are negative qualities. People will alter their true feelings about a situation if they know what is being studied. Impression Management. 1. Diagnostic Ratio : Flood subject with many evaluations for many different kinds of groups to try to decrease Impression management. ii. Indirect Measures : Can get at socially undesirable attitudes more reliably: 1. Physiological Responses 2. Implicit Association Tests (IAT): You think you are in the study to take a memory test. You will then see pairs of words and you have to see if they come from the list you memorized. (Ex. Lithuanian and Lazy.) The faster your reaction time, the more likely they are to be associated in your mind. Key: people do not know that you are measuring stereotypes or prejudice. 3.
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April 4 - Need Notes from Wednesday April 2nd 2008...

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